Ranks & Requirements

We are always looking for new pilots! With this, we have some simple requirements for each applicant to uphold a professional look on the Expert Servers! With this, we have a simple and rewarding rank structure for each pilot to climb through and gain access to different codeshares and routes!

Pilot Requirements

We have simple requirements for our new pilots. Each applicant must make sure they meet our requirements.

At least 13 years of age
Grade 2
Discord for Communication
Able to file 1 PIREP each month
Not on the IFVARB Blacklist OR Watchlist

Rank Structure

Below, you can find a table of Ranks and Rewards that every pilot is able to climb through here!

Rank Hours
Second Officer Granted on Entry
First Officer 10 hours flown
Senior First Officer 25 hours flown
Captain 50 hours flown
Senior Captain 100 hours flown
Commander 175 hours flown
Senior Commander 250 hours flown